“Should I stay or should I go?”

My husband had a really bad work accident almost a year ago, it’s put a lot of strain on our marriage, and he’s also going through depression and anger issues. He’s never laid a hand on me till recently.

I’m ok but I do have some bruises and everyone keeps telling me to leave him, but I do love him and we have a son together, and I can’t exactly just up and leave. I have no job or car or anything, everything is in his name . I don’t fear my safety or for my son’s safety and he did agree to get some help. But has anyone else gone through this , did your relationship work out? Did it end up getting physical again?

4 thoughts on ““Should I stay or should I go?”

  1. A R says:

    I had almost a 4 year relationship with my college sweetheart. He was physically abusive towards me. The first time he hit me he said he was sorry and he would never do it again. I believed him. It was first a punch in the arm to putting his hands around my neck. After the 4 years of hiding the abuse I left. It will NEVER stop. It is a cycle.
    Being drunk and hitting someone is NO excuse. Being angry and hitting someone is NO excuse. Do NOT let your husband hit you. You do NOT deserve that treatment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You need to go. He needs to get professional help now and anger counseling and you need to get a job. Take your son and go to your parents or any one that will take you until you get on your feet. Go to the department of Human Resources and see what help you can get. There is no shame in it. This will only be the start of bad things to come. He’s out of control now and nothing you can do will help him. Don’t let your son think this is the right way to treat anyone. He is learning from you.

  3. Jason@Solace says:

    I just published a book about anger and abuse from the perspective of the abuser. It certainly is a complex relationship when dealing with abuse. My heart goes out to you b

  4. Angel says:

    Please for the love of God go because I’m going to tell you what happens when you don’t. My daughter right now is in the worst possible relationship. Every day I pray to God this man dies there’s nothing that can be done she’s terrified. My daughter went from being a girl with so many dreams, goals, friends ect. To.. she has lost three cars on loans they’ve all been repossessed no job a child that is 2, cps calls, every weekend they fight something it’s broke this little boy sees his mother getting beat. I every day har sirens and I pray to God it’s not my daughter. every night I get phone calls about the shit that’s going on in their house. CPS doesn’t help because all they care about is taking children I am now in the process of taking my own child to court to save her son from that life. My ex husband one time, on drugs took me to the country broke my head open on the window through me in a ditch choked me kicked all of my ribs on my right side collapse my lung and left me and my 7 week old baby on the side of the road and ran my foot over. He didn’t remember this but it doesn’t matter, he’s capable of it, he did it, and since he’s not seen me or my child. That was 23 years ago. I tried doing everything possible to keep my daughter from ever having a relationship like that. It’s happened and everyone prays she can get out alive, a lot of people don’t . it doesn’t matter if it’s one time or 10 times the fact is it happened it doesn’t matter if he’s angry going through a lot of crap. That is no excuse none. If it happened once it will happen again especially if there was no consequences even if there are consequences. Abusers dont change until the go through years of therapy. Please please at least for your children if not for yourself leave him your children do not want to hear the things he says the children do not want to know it even if you say they don’t trust me they didn’t ask any child that’s been involved in lived with the Mestic violence Dano a baby can sense it. Trust your kids know. All that teaches your son or your daughter is it OK for men to do that and it’s OK because it was an accident and mistake it’s not an accident to put your hands on somebody, no excuse no reason. Just no.

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