“Should I stay or should I go?”

My husband had a really bad work accident almost a year ago, it’s put a lot of strain on our marriage, and he’s also going through depression and anger issues. He’s never laid a hand on me till recently.

I’m ok but I do have some bruises and everyone keeps telling me to leave him, but I do love him and we have a son together, and I can’t exactly just up and leave. I have no job or car or anything, everything is in his name . I don’t fear my safety or for my son’s safety and he did agree to get some help. But has anyone else gone through this , did your relationship work out? Did it end up getting physical again?

“Our argument ended in violence”

My boyfriend and I got into an argument, and long story short, he ended up saying something along the lines of “at least I’m not a depressed bitch, waaah look at me, I have depression”, and I ended up hitting him in the face.

From that, he immediately got up and whacked me with a chair a couple of times. I couldn’t believe what I had done and I immediately said I was a monster and that he should just leave me. He refused, and even comforted my undeserving, crying, pathetic ass. I even told him to punch me in the face right back for it, which he did. He totally forgave me and said to not even worry about it, but I can’t forgive myself. What should I do? (Give me your honest answer, and don’t mention what he did because it isn’t the problem here.)

“My sister punched me in the head”

I honestly don’t know what to do. About a month ago, I was punched in the head by my sister, so I moved into my aunt’s place. The problem is, I can get kicked out if anyone finds me living here, and there’s no where else to go.

My mother, who has a drug history and bad habit of running off and meeting men, has offered to buy a place for me and her. But she’s a drunk who loves to argue, so honestly I don’t know what to do. I just don’t want to exist anymore, to be honest.