“Is he bipolar?”

What do I do … I don’t know where to turn for help? My man is a perfect gentleman most of the time, but will switch to a Demon in seconds?

I have been in a relationship with my man for 2 years. The 1st year was on/off, since we lived in different cities. The 2nd year he moved in with me, and we became serious. We both fell in love quickly! When he is normal, he does more for me than anyone I have ever been with. He’s affectionate, loving, giving, and true to me. I found out early that he has an anger problem, especially when he drinks. The other side has physically, verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused me. The person who raised him told me he was bipolar. He was in jail a few months, for domestic abuse. Me and my family have been trying everything we can do to help him. He doesn’t seem to want to get help for his mental disorder.

When he’s normal he gives me massages and rubs my feet. He tells me he loves me and gives me plenty of compliments. He cuddles me at night, cooks and cleans, walks my dogs, and is willing to help with whatever I ask for. It’s like two opposite people. I love him when he’s great, and I hate the one that’s evil! I just need any kind of advice given. It feels like a pattern that won’t end. Thanks to anyone who responds with comments or advice!!!

2 thoughts on ““Is he bipolar?”

  1. marandarussell says:

    I wouldn’t jump to bipolar as a conclusion with just that evidence. There are a number of conditions that can cause rages and anger like that. If there was a history of bipolar in his family then maybe, but he also could just be a mean drunk or have anger issues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Talk to him again about getting help during a neutral time, but if he’s still unwilling, you need to leave. You don’t deserve the abuse and he won’t get better, just worse.

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