“Is my older man bored with me?”

I have been with a man who is 26 years older than me for 6 months but recently, within the last month or so, I feel as if he’s not interested anymore. He claims it is because of stress but I just don’t know what to do anymore.

He does not give me affection anymore and the only time he acts as if we are together is when we are around others. I have anxiety and I don’t want to ruin an otherwise happy relationship because of my anxiety or his stress, I just need to know if this is normal. Has the lust just worn off is he bored with me?

2 thoughts on ““Is my older man bored with me?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That seems about the right time for any new relationship to slow down, older or younger. He is probably telling you the truth about the stress.

    However, since this is causing your anxiety issues to start up, I would seek out professional help like a doctor or licensed therapist, not only because of the anxiety issue, but also for the age difference issue. You may be in completely different points in your life and be incompatible in the long run or the therapist may be able to help you understand better where he is coming from in his point in life.

    Don’t just sit there and hope for your anxiety issues to get better. If your leg was broke you’d go to a doctor. Why would you do otherwise for a chemical imballence in the brain?

  2. San says:

    I’m assuming you are pretty young and he is sort of middle age. I think the best thing to do is voice your concerns and the stress you are under
    If he is just stressed and that’s quite possible he will want to rr assure you.and relive your stress If it’s some thing else then this may push him to say so…and you deserve to know this…..BTW my wife is 16 yrs younger than me. These relationships can work!!!!

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