“Will he ever propose?!”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 and a half years now (we are 23 years old), we have been living together for a year and do everything together. I have hinted a few times that I am ready to get engaged and he has agreed (even my family has been hinting).

But it feels like it is never going to happen. We get into fights about it all the time. I have expressed to him how I don’t want to be an “old” bride and would love for my aging grandparents to still be around when we tie the knot. He doesn’t seem to be interested and I’m over bringing it up as we just fight.

Do you think he will ever propose or am I just going to be someone’s 40-year-old girlfriend?

One thought on ““Will he ever propose?!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are most definitely NOT ready for marriage if that is how you view life. I would move on and date much more. Marriage isn’t something you need to check off on the “things you need to do” list of life. I bet your grandparents would be more happy that you weren’t getting a divorce six months later when you found out, oh hey, marriage is a lot of work and why did I marry this man I’m constantly fighting with?

    Take some time off dating and learn who you are before you make a incredibly expensive and hard to get out of arrangement.

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