“My best friend is marrying a sex offender”

Help!!!My bff is getting married to a registered sex offender!! She got engaged to this guy after dating only 2 months and he has pushed for a quickie wedding so now…she’s getting married in 3 days. Should I tell her how I feel about this situation or just allow her to be pummeled by this weirdo? He is a registered sex offender related to a 4th degree sexual battery charge after his previous wife’s daughter accused him of rape. Of course he says he was falsely accused, as revenge for not letting the teen stay out later.

Either way my friend gets hurt but she has always appreciated honesty and I feel as if I am betraying her by staying silent as she prepares to ruin her life. She’s already paying his bills and he had to have a new car but she gets zero dollars for a wedding budget? He doesn’t work, why the heck does he need a reliable car?

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