“My parents yelled at my softball coach”

I play softball for my school and the coach is terrible. We’re 8-2 and I’ve played one inning of one game. My parents finally got sick of it and yelled at the coach telling her she was a bad coach and that she didn’t deserve her job. How should I make it less awkward without apologizing?

2 thoughts on ““My parents yelled at my softball coach”

  1. MrGoatHammer says:

    So your team is 8-2…and that means your coach sucks? Sounds to me like your team is doing well, maybe that’s why you don’t play much. Your parents get sick of it because their perfect kid doesn’t get the playing time THEY think you deserve….pathetic. I’d apologize on your parents behalf. In my day if my parents yelled at a coach, it was seen as very disrespectful. Get yourself a participation ribbon, you’ll live

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wait until a non-confrontational time and ask to talk. Use words like “I feel” and don’t blame. You may want to start with just one parent and let that one advocate to the other parent. internet hugs We are all human and your parents love you SO much. None of us are perfect. Remember that if you have kids and forgive them.

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