“I hate my boyfriend’s dog”

Honestly…I hate my boyfriend’s dog. We live together and he barely washes the dog and it sheds a shit ton,  stinks and has ringworms. He is not taking care of it. I fucking hate the dog and want it out. I even imagine hurting the dog or letting it out of the house to never see it again.

We have been together for almost 3 years…. I would hate to break up after this but he refuses to get rid of the dog. He used to walk it once a day and she would pee and poop. I went fucking crazy and now he walks it twice. Every day my hatred for this dog grows.. what do I do… I have been picturing abusing the dog and I don’t like having those thoughts, I’m just mad.

2 thoughts on ““I hate my boyfriend’s dog”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Leave now and report the neglect to the authorities so that poor animal can find someone who loves them. Google no kill shelters in your area and have them take it today if you can. Imagine if you needed someone to take care of you. He can’t even take care of this poor animal.

  2. Mchan says:

    Why don’t you try to wash? Then it wouldn’t stink and you’d feel better too. Then ask your bf to take it to the vet for the ring worms. Doesn’t he love his pet? If a guy asked me to leave my dog he’d be out so either get used to it and take care of it or leave. You are the lucky one the dog can’t go away.

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