“Shall I leave my fiancé for my ex?”

I cheated on my fiancé of 2 years with my high school ex, and sweetheart. I’m still in love with my ex. I am now conflicted. Do I confess my feelings to my ex and leave my fiancé? The connection is stronger between me and my ex.

2 thoughts on ““Shall I leave my fiancé for my ex?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think you are ready for any kind of relationship and should take some time off to find out why you are afraid to be out of one. You’re in with one man you are supposed to love for the rest of your life, however instead of working on that relationship or breaking it off you’re cheating on him with a ex you’ve mentally romanticized into thinking you love. He’s a ex for a reason. Break up with both and seek counseling or you will spend your life in a cycle of some form of cheating.

    Good luck to you.

  2. solstice444 says:

    You need to end things with your fiance, for sure. You’re still in love with your ex, and the connection is stronger with your ex. Let your fiance go so he can move on to find someone who puts him first. That said, you should take some time to be alone before potentially pursuing anything with your ex. It will be a recipe for disaster if you go straight from your fiance to your ex – not to mention, it will look bad.

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