“I really like him, but I’m nervous like he is”

So this guy and I have known each other for about a year-and-a-half now. We go to the same school, and I normally see him like 2-3 times a day. We mostly talk through social media, so it’s really awkward when we are together in person.

I see him in the morning in the library with both my friends and his friends. Some days, he leaves the library a few minutes after I get there. He sometimes looks at me, and other times he doesn’t.

In the hall, when we pass each other, he either looks at me for a few seconds and keeps on walking, or he looks at me quickly and tries to move for his side more like he’s trying to escape or something. He gives me a lot of mixed signals, and that’s why I can’t tell if he likes me, but is just really shy, or just not interested at all.

We had a class together last year, and we had to sit together for one quarter. It was really awkward, because never talk in person and mostly communicate through social media. I could tell he was nervous. He would fidget, never look at me in the eye, never try to talk to me, etc.

My problem is that I really like him, but I’m really nervous like he is. He never makes a move on me, and I have given him some small moves. I really like him and want to be friends! My mood about him changes a lot.

Lately, towards the beginning of the week, I will be really crushing on him hard and be thinking about how great of a person he is, but towards the end of the week/weekend, I would get fed up with him not making a move or giving me tons of mixed signals that I would unfollow him on all his social media (he follows all of my social media, btw).

A few days later, I would start feeling bad and follow him again. The weird thing is that he never unfollows me when I unfollow him. I really want to be his girlfriend, but he never seems to make a move or gives me mixed signals. Can you tell me if you think he likes me from what I described about him? Please tell me what to do!

5 thoughts on ““I really like him, but I’m nervous like he is”

  1. Alexa Durant says:

    I’m not the best at giving advice but it’s worth a shot, lol.

    This will be difficult but have you tried getting him out of his shell? it will be hard to do since you’re both dealing with anxiety about approaching one another but I think you should try your best to talk to him. Speaking about feelings can be difficult so I suggest a simple conversation, show him your favorite meme, talk about music and let it lead up to the crush part, that way there’s less of a barrier and easier communication.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Try this: when you get frustrated with his anxiety, stop doing what you are doing before you unfollow him, and go for a walk or find another activity (painting, reading, gardening, building the worlds largest cup tower – you get the picture). You are still learning about yourself, but you are obsessing over one person, who in the long run may or may not get it together.

    A week before I got married I had a old friend pop up on leave from the military and we ran into each other at my work. I had moved half way across the state and we hadn’t spoken since before I graduated high school 5 years before. I stopped and chatted with him over my lunch break to catch up with him. He told me that all of my friends who were boys in high school had crushes on me, but they never told ME. I was very surprised (and flattered), but I was already happy with my life. I had graduated college, was on my way to my new career and getting married. Even more interesting things happened after that.

    Point being, you can’t wait for him or life will pass you by.

  3. Sonny says:

    Okay, I think what one of the comments above said about easing into it through casual conversation. Which could be easier over the web for both of you, at least for a bit. In the end it might be easier for you to tell him the truth over the web even. Which I find nothing wrong with.

    I also feel you have nothing to loose.
    You’re young I’m assuming, and unless it’s not for an unseen reason, time is on your side. What’s the absolute worst that could happen?
    He doesn’t like you back? It’s awkward in person, like it already is?
    I think you should go for it, and be clear that you hope it doesn’t ruin a friendship. Your nerves only get the best of you if you let them. Best of luck, and I hope everything works out in your favour!

  4. Anna betts says:

    So man that people have this problem! I had it last year with this boy. This is the bet advise I can give – be a bit more reserved when you guys talk on social media. Be a bit blunt, reply a bit Slower and see if he notices. If he loses interest and does the same, he’s not worth your time. If he comments about it then you know he does care about you and it means you can take your little thing one step further.. maybe say do you want to meet up outside of school or spend lunch time together?

  5. Adam Jolly says:

    As a guy, I can honestly say that a lot of times, we’re the ones waiting for the girl to make a move. It goes both ways sometimes. So when you have the chance, whether it’s in the library or wherever, go and talk to him! He could be dying for you to talk to him in the same way you want him to talk to you. It could make his day! I know what anxiety feels like, trust me, and I know it can be really nerve racking, but the best thing I can tell you to do is to calm yourself, be brave, and remember that you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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