“Shall I put up with his small penis and wait for the money?”

I have been dating David for almost 5 years. We got engaged and have been living together, in my home, for the last almost 3 years. David is a great guy. He makes good money, he buys me gifts, couldn’t love me more, but he shows me no physical affection.

He has a small penis and we have never actually been able to have real sex, so about once a year he gets drunk and we fool around. We never even shared a bed until recently. We hardly speak and never touch more than a quick kiss. David is coming into a VERY large amount of money soon. I love him but I’m no longer IN love with him. I don’t know if the promise of wealth is worth the wait. Help!!


“Confused which guy I love”

Oh boy, do I need your help. I split with an amazing guy 6 years ago. We connected so well and I trusted him endlessly, but he always felt a bit far away and had a gaming addiction (which he’s since resolved). I had an internship opportunity in Africa and had to decide whether to keep it short and come back to him, or end our relationship and be open to jobs there. So I laid out 2 things I needed from him – stop gaming so much and be a bit more sexually adventurous – but he said he couldn’t do those things. So I ended it.

Forward 6 years. Work, and the decision I want a family, landed me on the other side of North America from my ex. I hadn’t met anyone and kept thinking about him. I wrote him a long letter, and we talked so openly about what happened. I learned that during that time he was failing school, and actually dropped out, adding 2 years to his education when we split. He couldn’t give me what I needed, because he was losing himself. He would love to explore us, but right then he was seeing an old ex who was going through a lot (alcoholism), and while he doubted it’d last, he had to let it take its course. Continue reading

“My boyfriend is really stingy”

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over 3 months now, and things are really good mostly. But I feel like he is really stingy with money when it comes to putting money into our relationship, like going on dates, buying me a gift for valentines day, or anything really. But he has no problem spending money on energy drinks for himself or an $80 video game.

I just don’t understand why he is like this. I understand he has been single for a long time, so maybe he’s just not used to the changes that happen when you’re in a relationship. Am I over reacting? Am I being silly? Should I try to talk to him about it? What should I do?

“I need advice on my schooling/employment conundrum”

27 year-old male from Greece, trying to get my future together and I need some good advice.

I was born and raised in a great family enviroment, not wealthy, but fair, and enough to keep me going with great support!

I studied IT tech at technical college at 2007 and been working as a computers technician for the past eight years. Due to my coutry’s condition and foreseeing a not-so-great future in tech support, I decided to follow a spark of mine and study programming in a University by placing all of my resources (plus an investment plan of my parents. I started the University a year ago achieving excellent grades and the investment plan went off I have the money to pay exactly the amount needed for the following two years. The past year and more I’ve been working at companies that didn’t hire me to get insuransed (which is very common) but still I am trying to collect work and knowledge to keep myself running and by the time I’ve developed some new skills that keep the gears moving. The following winter my support insurance will be terminated which is not something that I am well with. Tomorrow I have a job interview for a night shift IT support which is a great opportunity to solve all of these problems. Continue reading

He says it’s her fault that his ex stole his money

Nic says:

Been in a relationship for over 3 years. Thought everything was good. He had to go to jail for a couple months for a driving offense a year into the relationship. I supported him through this time, as he had always been supportive of me.

During the incarceration, he came clean about not always being faithful in the beginning, as he had a ex he had sex with a handful of times in the beginning of our relationship. While in jail, this ex had access to $10,000 of his in a joint account. Somehow she found out about me, got pissed, and stole his money. He blames me, although I was clueless. We didn’t live together before jail (he had his own place and is financially capable of doing so again), but now we do, jointly caring for one of my kids and one of his.

We talked about marriage and everything. He never accepts responsibility for his BS. Tonight he told me that I “fucked up his money.” And if I hadn’t posted something about him on Facebook while in jail (which he told me to post), that he would have his money and wouldn’t be “stuck living with me.”

Needless to say, that hurt. I’m not heartless enough to kick him and his son out, but I feel like I’m holding on to a one-sided relationship now. Like, why are you here if you feel that way, or why say things just to hurt me.

Ric says:

I didn’t lie about the other chick. I shouldn’t have to explain my finances when we weren’t serious at first.