“Should I reach out to my old boyfriend?”

I have been thinking a lot lately about an old friend from high school who I haven’t seen or talked to (aside from social media,) in a while. Although we never were in an exclusive relationship, we have a romantic history in which we were more than friends – a typical fling.

It never became anything serious because my feelings for him weren’t as strong as his were for me, and I guess you could say I just didn’t give us a chance. After a few years of him expressing his feelings for me and trying to pursue a relationship with me, he finally gave up and moved on. Continue reading

“I had a fling with a lesbian”

I had an affair with a bisexual woman who was visiting my country. She has a lesbian relationship back home. She went back home and had plans to come back to my country because of a job.

I’m not sure how, but her lesbian girlfriend found out about our fling. She blocked me on Facebook and won’t return my text. Now I don’t know if she will actually come back.

There is a big chance she is either single now or about to be. Her gf is hurt and that sucks, but, all cheap morality aside, I really want to make a move if that relationship has come to an end.

Will she let me know when she’s over her gf? Or will she never ever speak to me again? Getting caught is her fault. Is she seeing me as an enemy or a bad person?