“I forgave my boyfriend for cheating on me”

My boyfriend cheated on me and ever since that I’ve had a weird relationship with him. I forgave him, and we are talking again, and I am in love with him, but I don’t how if he still is in love with me.

He talks to me like I’m his girlfriend, but doesn’t give me as much attention. He’ll also make dumb mistakes and I keep forgiving him, but now I’m starting to question if he is just using me for sexual purposes. I don’t know if I should confront him about it because we are on good terms and I don’t want to randomly bring it up, so I am not sure what to do.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on ““I forgave my boyfriend for cheating on me”

  1. B says:

    I have been through the same thing, countless times. It makes me feel weak, like I am not worthy to be a woman. I myself cannot justify why I keep finding men that would just to do this to me, but I get the feeling that if a man wants to cheat, who am I to stop him? He is cheating himself out of my trust, as after it happens, yes, I refuse to ever treat him as before, and our relationship would slide back into the realms of distant acquaintances, because any man that choses someone over me, simply is not right for me, and may kindly let me move on with my life.
    But I believe that you have done nothing to deserve this treatment, and should leave him.

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