“My husband is obsessed with other girls”

My husband is in a group text with a bunch of his coworkers, and all they talk about are hot girls and constantly send pictures of naked or half-naked girls. Some are famous, some  are Instagram models, and some are girls they hook up with. My husband chimes in occasionally by just agreeing that one of the girls is good looking.

Today I saw that one of his friends sent a picture of a girl’s vagina that he had recently had sex with. My husband replied with “I like that p**sy a lot. Definitely down to bang her if you want.” Then someone else wrote “he’s obsessed. He wants to eat it so bad” (talking about my husband).

I don’t even know what to say/do. I don’t think he cheated on me, but should I be concerned that he is willing to? After I saw that, I looked through more text messages and saw that he asked if anyone knows of a non-Asian rub-and-tug. We have a four-month-old baby, and have only been married two years.

He’s always been a gentleman to me and is so good to our daughter. I have absolutely no complaints about our relationship. We get along great and very seldom argue. That’s why I’m so shocked by this. I feel like he is a whole different person outside of our relationship.

Any advice on what I should do about this?

One thought on ““My husband is obsessed with other girls”

  1. Buffysom89 says:

    Wow this must be shocking for you. I must ask – why do you think he is doing this? do you think he is actually genuinely engaging in this stuff out of desire or is he is a group of friends who are assholes? I think there are a few things. One, he needs to prove trust to you. He has betrayed a trust and needs to do what it takes to get you to trust him again. He needs to explain himself as to why he has done this AND why he thinks it is okay to be mates with people who objectify women like that. You have a four month old. i think he needs to comply with all of that at a minimum to trust him. Particularly with a newborn – he is just not Being the partner or father you need right now. Confront it and be prepared for some time apart.

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