“I can’t tell if he likes me or not”

I’m in high school and there’s this guy … we have some things in common, and he seems nice enough. He often “slides into my dm’s” (like, two to three times a week). I’m pretty sure he likes me, but I’m not positive, and I don’t know how to talk to him at this point.

After school ended for the year, some of the people from our grade went on a trip. I chose not to go because I was saving for a car. Anyway, on the trip, one of my friends overheard him telling his friends how “smokin’ hot” I was (which is weird, as I’ve got no booty and no boobs to speak of). They also said that there were tons of rumors about how he had sent me nudes, even though he hadn’t even spoken to me throughout the duration of the trip. Since the end of the trip, he hasn’t talked to me very much. He slides into my dm’s occasionally, but I always have to end the conversation because I’m busy doing  other stuff.

I’m not sure how to feel about him, because people say that he talks to a lot of other girls. Once when we were talking, he asked who I liked, I told him I didn’t like anybody at the moment, and he said that he liked two people, but didn’t specify who, which I found weird. He’s also told me to get a snapchat in essentially every conversation we’ve had, which is kind of annoying. I’m pretty sure he just wants nudes from me (why else would he keep telling me to make a snapchat?) but, I want to know if he possibly has any real desire for a relationship.

I’m kinda neutral about liking him, we’re basically just friends at the moment but he has said multiple times that he wanted to talk more with me, which just confuses me more.

What do you think?

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