How to End a Relationship

I’ve written about this before — and taken some hate for it — but when we break up with someone, I believe the most compassionate way to do so is to be cold and uncompassionate. Because to be otherwise is really only satisfying our need to look like a “good” person.

Now, here’s an article that backs me up.  The graphics in the accompanying video are a bit on the creepy side if you ask me, but it does make a very valid point:

Kindness has no role whatsoever to play at the charred end of relationships. Being sweet and understanding merely prolongs the torture for the other person.

As the video also points out, when we choose to be warm and understanding during a breakup, its in part due to a narcissistic desire to be loved even by someone we ourselves don’t love.

Point being? Just rip that band-aid off. A clean break is the best way to end a relationship.

What do you think?

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