“I’m dating a girl, but think I’m falling in love with a guy”

First off, I’m bi. I’ve dated men before, but I’m in my first same-sex relationship with someone whom I was good friends with.

It took a while for her parents to come to terms with it, as they thought she might be making a mistake. I don’t want to prove her parents right, but I also don’t want to date her anymore. I feel scared to tell her because she still really likes me. We haven’t been dating that long and nearly all our friends are mutual. It doesn’t help that everyone keeps saying how much they ‘ship’ us.

The other problem is that I’ve realised how much I love this guy. We’ve been mates for about two years, and we chat all the time. And, I mean, all the time. Last night, we were up until 3:00 am even though we’d been talking all day.

We don’t meet up in person much, because he goes to a boarding school, but when he’s on holiday, we do. This would all be fine, except for the fact that I’m 15-and-a-half, and he will be 18 in two months. I really don’t know what to do. He might know I like him, but I don’t know how much it comes across in our texts. I know he is single and not interested in anyone. Please give me some advice.

2 thoughts on ““I’m dating a girl, but think I’m falling in love with a guy”

  1. Snugglethisfez says:

    Talk to him about it. It’s natural to want what you can’t have so you might be happy as you are but are tempted by a relationship that would give you more flexibility rather than always being around eachother because of mutual friends. If you really don’t like her anymore, tell her, because stringing her along and her later finding out she was second best is the worst. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Elm says:

    I think that if you have feelings for him, you need to break things off with her, as horrible as that may be. It’ll be better for the both of you. As for him – talk to him, I think. Remember to give yourself time. All the best – and I know how this feels.

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