“I’m in love with my best friend”

I’m in love with my best friend who is a girl. I am male but gay, (or bi I guess) and I have feelings for her. She is incredibly sweet and pretty and nice, but is currently in a relationship with someone who has hurt her in the past.

It is still a strong relationship, but I am worried about her potential, as well as my feelings towards her. I think that if I told her we would still be friends, seeing as we’ve talked about living together and things like that, but I don’t want to do it while she’s in a relationship. The guy she is in a relationship with is also a good friend of mine.

” I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what could be”

My best friend recently told me that he was b,i but not in the way he would have a boyfriend. I myself am bi and when we were teenagers (now 22) we messed around for a few years secretly until he stopped it, saying he wasn’t gay.

I had strong feelings for him that took a long time to go away, so him recently coming out bi kind of broke my heart a little. I’m wondering how I can slowly approach him and see if he would be interested in trying a relationship with me, but he’s a very anxious person and despite coming out to me I know he hasn’t told anyone else. I really like him and we’re best friends, but I don t want to try anything if it would ruin the friendship we have. I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about what could be.

Please help 🙂

“I’m dating a girl, but think I’m falling in love with a guy”

First off, I’m bi. I’ve dated men before, but I’m in my first same-sex relationship with someone whom I was good friends with.

It took a while for her parents to come to terms with it, as they thought she might be making a mistake. I don’t want to prove her parents right, but I also don’t want to date her anymore. I feel scared to tell her because she still really likes me. We haven’t been dating that long and nearly all our friends are mutual. It doesn’t help that everyone keeps saying how much they ‘ship’ us.

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