How to Get Over a Breakup Using Science

If you’re having a hard time getting over a breakup, psychologists have some suggestions for you:

First off, their research says that you shouldn’t necessarily write about the breakup, as it can often make you feel worse.

Instead, you should write what they refer to as a “redemptive narrative” … because you know, everything always seems more medically sound when you use technical words.

The point of the redemptive narrative is not just to write about the breakup, but also describe how you turned it into a positive experience. Or if you’re still in the throes of post-breakup agony, write about what you’re doing to overcome it.

Here’s an article that discusses the aforementioned studies in more detail:

“Psychologists say a simple strategy can help you get over a rough breakup”

I can personally attest to this strategy, as the reason I started writing about dating and relationships in the first place is because I was getting over a breakup and decided to put into writing what I had learned from the experience.

If you’re curious, here’s the very first blog post I ever wrote. Musings, LemonVibe, all the internet writing I’ve done over the years, and really, just the fact that I blog, are the culmination of my very first attempt at a redemptive narrative.

It’s powerful stuff. And I speak from personal experience here.


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