“I love him, but he wants me to go for his best friend”

I have a friend that I have known since I was 4, and I am now 22. I stated liking him back in grade 6 ( when I was 11), started really liking him in high school, but never did anything because he was my brother’s good friend.

Well, coming home from school this January, I started talking to him again, and I fell even harder than I ever thought I would. He told be I was his first crush and that he has always liked me “like that.” Recently, we had a downfall with a lie that was started though his ex and mine. It tore us apart. He said he needed time, and I respected that. During this time, it seemed as though he lost all interest in ever being with me.

Meanwhile, his best friend went through a break-up, and I was there to talk with him and help him through it. And that’s when his best friend fell for me. I realized then I was kinda interested in him as well. Now that I have been hanging out with his best friend, the guy I’m so head-over-heels for told me to go for his friend.

What! I was in shock. Then he continued to tell me “I have always liked you and I always will.” What does that even mean? Like, I was so confused. You tell me to go for the guy, and then you say that! Needless to say, I still hang out with his best friend, and now that he is returning home from school, my heart is torn in two!

I can’t talk to his friend without hearing his name and wanting to cry, thinking of all that could have happened if I had just kept waiting. I waited almost 11 years for this chance. Why didn’t I wait longer? Then I thought to myself, the only reason I like his best friend … is because he is just like him.

What do I do????

One thought on ““I love him, but he wants me to go for his best friend”

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    If he’s encouraging you to go for his best friend, that’s a pretty strong sign there.

    It could be that he’s telling you he’s always liked you just to be nice. But let’s face it, if he said that and actually wanted to do anything about it, I think he would have by now.

    Sorry. I think you need to move on from your crush.

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