“He keeps wanting to wait on getting married”

My boyfriend and I have been together going on three years. We started living together after knowing each other for eight months and after officially dating for only one month. We have a one-year-old daughter and recently (two weeks ago) found out that we are expecting our second child. I love him and from the time I met him have been pretty deeply in love. We live well together, but we do obviously have our share of arguments.

We had previously talked about being married and he led me to believe that we were on the same page. To the point that we had engagement rings for one another. We later had some issues come up involving him talking to other people and we stopped wearing our rings. Now that we are supposed to be going to counseling and working on things, he sees marriage for him in another 5-6 years.

I personally don’t think it takes that long to decide if you want someone. Especially considering our circumstances — we live together, sleep together, share all of our finances, and have children. I take care of our home, child, and I cater to him all that I can. He didn’t decide to wait on anything else, so why does he want to wait on marriage? Continue reading

“Should I wait for him?”

I’m in a strange, complicated issue. I’m an Asexual Panromantic female, and I’m in love with my best friend. He is in love with me too, but is scared to date because of a distance issue. My family tells me not to wait around for him.

I love him so much, yet at the same time, want to experience life instead of waiting around. What should I do?

“I love him, but he wants me to go for his best friend”

I have a friend that I have known since I was 4, and I am now 22. I stated liking him back in grade 6 ( when I was 11), started really liking him in high school, but never did anything because he was my brother’s good friend.

Well, coming home from school this January, I started talking to him again, and I fell even harder than I ever thought I would. He told be I was his first crush and that he has always liked me “like that.” Recently, we had a downfall with a lie that was started though his ex and mine. It tore us apart. He said he needed time, and I respected that. During this time, it seemed as though he lost all interest in ever being with me.

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