“What do I do now?”

how do you get over someone who you only ever dated and did not get into a relationship in. Where she gave you so many happy days. Before this I suffered so many physical burdens. I went through a lot of hardships and pain. Then she comes along and for the many times we were together. Every thing I suffered would be gone for the time I was with her. Then i took her on a date. Everything is good. Then I miss opportunities and a lot of them. Because the trials come back into affect. She moves out of town and everything in the past comes back. I’ve suffered long enough to hide how I really feel. 😦 I wish it would be different. What do I do now?

2 thoughts on ““What do I do now?”

  1. resullins says:

    It sounds like your problem has nothing to do with this particular girl. She was a crutch that you were using to deal with your own emotional problems, and almost any girl could probably step right into that roll. Not being a therapist myself, my advice is that you need to get some help. You shouldn’t need anyone else to feel normal. You shouldn’t have to deal with your problems by relying on another person. Get some help buddy… and I hope it helps!

  2. swt23 says:

    hello,i am not a therapist but i think you haven’t made the initiative that you tell yourself you want to heal because it starts in the mind.relying on any other person is not gonna work but you could use a good friend,a listener so that as you speak about it u realize the depth of the pain and this friend could help you see the issues that can easily be dealt with and the once that u need to keep facing till you can heal either by talking it out as many times or by writing them as many times to let them out your system

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