Should I Ask Out Or Not

So there is this girl i like at school. She gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, and she is around me every now and then. I have liked her for about a year now, and i came out to tell her at the end of the school year last year, but she never told me how she felt. I have been too nervous to confront her, but almost everyday, me or her wind up talking a little or having an indirect conversation. And very often, i see her looking at me, but im not sure if she really is. She smiles at me every once in a while, and if im lucky, we talk to eachother for a minute or two. I’ve been thinking of asking if she likes me or not, but im too nervous, and afriad i would embarass her or wind up embarassing myself from rejection. Btw: Ive never had a girlfriend before, so I dont exactly know how to ask her out.

3 thoughts on “Should I Ask Out Or Not

  1. Shepkatt says:

    [Go for it.. what do you have to lose? You don’t say how old you are but I am thinking fairly young.. Ask her if she wants to go grab lunch sometime or coffee (if you drink it), etc. The WORST that can happen is she says no.. then you know and you move on.. She won’t be embarrassed.. she will be flattered regardless of if she is interested or not.. and if you get embarrassed – no worries.. It will be a distant memory a few weeks past.. but at least the ‘what if’ torture will be over.

  2. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [The answer is fairly easy to your question; you just ask her out.

    I’m not phrasing it this way to come across mean, or condescending, the answer is really just that simple.

    You indicated the two of you speak from time to time, even if only for a matter of minutes each time. Next time the two of you are having a conversation say something like, “I enjoy our chats. Want to go out for _____ sometime?”

    Now, first off make sure the blank is something that encourages conversation (so NO movies); dinner, coffee, dessert…anything that encourages conversation.

    Second, if she responds positively don’t leave it at just that…try to secure an actual date. If she says, “Sure.”, follow up with, “Great, how about this Friday?” (Obviously pick a day that’s open for you).

    It really is that easy.

    To this day I still remember a conversation with a group of friends from when I was back in high school. We were all talking along the lines of dating, etc…typical high school hormone stuff…and I had made some sort of comment about wanting to go on a date, or how hard it was to ask a girl out, and my friend Becky said to me, “Matt, I know about a dozen girls in our choir class who would go on a date with you if you just asked them.”

    So, you see…all you really need to do is just ask.

  3. e says:

    Honestly, If you have a feeling that you see a girl a little too often than you should ( unless you’re the one actually subconciously following her around ) and she smiles at you and talks to you, those are pretty good signs that she’s interested in you. If you keeping waiting to tell her, you might regret missing your chance.

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