“How do I ask her out?”

There is a girl at school that I have been interested in for a long time. We have never really talked much but she seems like a lot of fun, and she isn’t bad to look at either. My problem is that I seem to be caught in an awkward middle-zone where I’m having trouble figuring out how to proceed. I’ll explain.

I don’t know her well enough to ask her out based on a pre-built relationship the two of us have. We’ve talked a few times, but never much. At the same time, we’ve been in each others’ vicinity for almost three years now without anything ever happening, so I can’t really take the “introduction and ask out” approach. Continue reading

“I rejected this guy, but now I think I want to ask him out”

So, I’m in ninth grade, and I like this guy who’s in 10th grade. I have no problem dating someone older than me, but I’m scared of what my parents would say if I started dating.

So, anyway, I like this guy and he used to like me, but I don’t know if he still does. We became friends in April. He asked me out, but I didn’t like him then, so I told him I wasn’t interested (I had just told another guy that I had liked him, but I got rejected, so I was still getting over him as well). After saying that, I realized how bad I felt for rejecting him. I avoided talking to him for about a week, which was hard, considering the fact that I see him every-single-day at swim practice.

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How To Ask A Girl Out/Or if she likes me

There is this girl i like at school that i have liked for a year now. I told her last year about me liking her, but she never told me how she felt. I also told a girl i liked her in the past and it didnt go well, she didnt like me, but anyway, how do i ask this girl out in a normal way, or if she likes me or not, and how do i tell her i like her. Btw: We are graduating soon this year so I may never have a chance to tell/ask her ever again. I never had a girlfriend before so my knowledge on this subject is little.

Should I Ask Out Or Not

So there is this girl i like at school. She gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, and she is around me every now and then. I have liked her for about a year now, and i came out to tell her at the end of the school year last year, but she never told me how she felt. I have been too nervous to confront her, but almost everyday, me or her wind up talking a little or having an indirect conversation. And very often, i see her looking at me, but im not sure if she really is. She smiles at me every once in a while, and if im lucky, we talk to eachother for a minute or two. I’ve been thinking of asking if she likes me or not, but im too nervous, and afriad i would embarass her or wind up embarassing myself from rejection. Btw: Ive never had a girlfriend before, so I dont exactly know how to ask her out.