Hooked up with a guy in my class…

We had a very simple friendship, which I liked.. but we hooked up and now things are confusing. I know that neither of us want a relationship (at least I don’t think he does). He told me that things wouldn’t be awkward, and things would just go back to normal, but I think I may have screwed that up because the first time I saw him since we hooked up, I curved him so bad and I think he has the idea that I didn’t enjoy what we did.. but really, I was just too embarrassed to face him. What do you guys think? and how should I fix this? Also, we don’t really have that deep talk type of relationship so I think it’d be hard to just straight up talk to him..

2 thoughts on “Hooked up with a guy in my class…

  1. Solstice says:

    Just try to act normally the next time you see him. Talk about whatever you usually talk about – the class you’re taking, the tv show you watched last night, etc. Don’t bring it up, and then maybe things can go back to normal – seems like he doesn’t want to talk about it, if he said things would go back to normal.

  2. Missy says:

    i agree with Solstice. if you don’t have the type of relationship where you feel comfortable delving into your feelings, then just revert to what is comfortable. i had a similar issue with someone i used to be very close with. we were friends for forever, then one night, we hooked up. it was pretty intense, and by morning, i was confused and perplexed about the situation. i completely freaked out because i was scared of the repercussions, and he was really baffled. sadly, i never really broached the subject and we grew apart. he was a pretty dear friend, and things are not the same. i can’t completely blame that situation, but it definitely was part of it. if it’s a guy you truly care about, then tell him what’s going on in your head. if not, then let it go. life will go on. i promise đŸ™‚

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