“My partner doesn’t love me anymore”

My partner of 6 years has recently told me he no longer finds me attractive and doesn’t love me anymore. He says he wants to work on things and get back to what we used to be. This took me completely by surprise, I had no idea, and thought we were really happy.

Now he keeps going on about my weight and saying I should exercise more and try weightloss shakes. Im 170cm and weigh 85kg and gained most of that when I had our baby last year.

He says he still doesn’t know what he wants (whether to stay or break up) and doesn’t want to make the wrong decision and regret it. I’m stuck on what to do or think at this stage. I have told him he needs go make a decision asap because its not fair to me or my son.

Anyone been in this kind of situation before and what did you do and how did it work out?

“I’m afraid for him to see me with my shirt off”

Last year, I left a 5-year-long abusive relationship. A large part of the abuse came from my ex’s humiliating name-calling during fights. Names often centering around my body and the word “fat.”

I have always been self-conscious of my body (I have been roughly 50 lbs overweight for most of my life), but that experience really left me mindf*cked. Now, I am free of him, and on my way to loving myself. Part of that includes eating healthier and exercising. I’ve been feeling great and do not feel discouraged to continue. Continue reading

“My boyfriend won’t marry me unless I lose weight”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for some time now. When we began dating, I weighed close to 210 pounds, then dropped to 140, and am now back up to 168.

Recently, he let me know that he doesn’t want to get married until I am in better shape. Obviously, this crushed me, but, he said marriage is forever, and he does not want to have the urge to cheat on me with women who are in better shape.

In the mean time, he assures me he is committed to me, and is very much in love.

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