“I like the girl in our friend group”

I recently went to Uni, and met this really sound guy who I get on with really well, though we obviously don’t know each other too well as we only met a month or so ago. He in turn introduced me to a girl and us three have been hanging out quite a lot.

Now, I’ve developed quite strong feelings for the girl. However, she and this guy are very close, to the point where I’m unsure whether something is going on behind closed doors (he has a long-distance girlfriend, though he constantly talks about breaking up with her). If I want to pursue the girl, what should my course of action be in order to make sure I maintain my friendship with the guy? I would definitely rather remain friends with both of them than jeopardise it for this girl.


“Do I delete him number and move on?”

I’ve been dating a guy for almost 2 years, we met in uni so we saw each other almost everyday. When I went back home in the summer he didn’t bother texting much or even calling. When I text, it takes him over a week to reply and the excuse is he’s busy. He does have a job but no one is THAT busy.

He also got caught cheating in an exam so he got a year’s deferral which means I won’t see him for a year. We texted a little but now he suddenly stopped replying all together, I’ve sent him multiple texts and it shows that he’s read them. On whatsapp, I can see that he’s online everyday but he doesn’t bother texting me. He also wouldn’t add me on snapchat which is a huge red flag for me.

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“Do I fix or forget my stuck-in-the-mud boyfriend?”

So, in the nicest way possible, I think I’m dating a loser. I guess I’m the quintessential girl that always dates guys that need fixing, but it’s never intentional. The last guy I dated had suffered emotional / physical abuse and it was complicated, but very passionate and I loved him very much. I kind of walked into a mess on this one. My current bf was still living with his ex’s family when we met, but they had already broken up and he was moving out and back in with his parents before we even got close enough to consider dating, but I didn’t know all this until later.

We were set up, and had two months of mixed signals and odd communication before finally getting together. He was struggling in school and didn’t have many friends because his ex was controlling and also pretty mentally and financially abusive, so he transferred to my university to get back on track with his life. I go to the university he was originally going to go to before his ex convinced him to go to her college , so it felt like he was going full circle. He was passionate and excited and I thought he would adjust quickly and be fine. We were hot and heavy and in love and were a really cute couple, and I felt that it could just go up from there. So I thought. Continue reading

“I’ve fallen head over heels for someone just under 30 years older than me”

I’ve fallen head over heels for someone just under 30 years older than me. I am at University still. It crept up on us, we were friends for a long time before, so no, it didn’t come from a bad place. I haven’t told anyone and neither has he, to respect my parent’s reaction and repercussions. Do I wait until I leave Uni to tell people, when I am a fully fledged ‘do-what-I-like’ adult? I have never felt so free and trapped at the same time.

“I’m upset with myself for being jealous of a friend”

So I have this friend who I went to school with, and now we’re at University together. We do different subjects and live separately so I don’t see her all that often at the moment – we’re both adjusting to the new lifestyle and such.

As background, the way that we got to know each other at school was partly through school plays. She would often be cast as a leading part and I really love drama but don’t tend to get big parts. Since we’ve arrived at University, though, that difference has grown so that now she’s been in two plays already in our first term and has another two and a student film lined up for after the Christmas holidays, and I have auditioned for a series of things, none of which I’ve got. Cry. Continue reading