“Do I delete him number and move on?”

I’ve been dating a guy for almost 2 years, we met in uni so we saw each other almost everyday. When I went back home in the summer he didn’t bother texting much or even calling. When I text, it takes him over a week to reply and the excuse is he’s busy. He does have a job but no one is THAT busy.

He also got caught cheating in an exam so he got a year’s deferral which means I won’t see him for a year. We texted a little but now he suddenly stopped replying all together, I’ve sent him multiple texts and it shows that he’s read them. On whatsapp, I can see that he’s online everyday but he doesn’t bother texting me. He also wouldn’t add me on snapchat which is a huge red flag for me.

It’s been almost a month since I last heard from him, so I assumed he was hinting that it’s over. I met a guy in a bar a week ago and we hit it off and I told him about my ex. He says that it’s over between me and that guy and that I should just delete his number and move on.

However, my friends say that I should at least text my ex saying it’s over. But since he’s been ignoring me for a month doesn’t that mean its already over? He also “borrowed” a lot of money from me, which I doubt I’ll ever get back and I don’t plan on asking for it.

I’m surprised how good I feel about breaking up, although it’s been less than a month. My ex was very possessive and didn’t like it when people disagreed with him. I lost so many of my friends because of his temper. But he’d justify it saying  “trust me, they’re jerks, you’re better off without them, you’ve got me.” People warned me this would happen but I was too drunk on love, as people might say.

Anyway, my question is, do I text him saying its over or just delete him number and move on???


One thought on ““Do I delete him number and move on?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Delete his number, block him from all social media so you’re no longer tempted to stalk, and move on. This little excrement of a boy didn’t even have the balls to tell you goodbye. Also, don’t ever expect to see that money again. Learn from this experience and don’t be so trusting next time around.

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