“I’m unhappy but scared to leave him”

I realize how horrible this sounds, but I’m so enamored with my long term boyfriend’s friend…Starting to realize I always have been. My relationship has always been rocky (4 years of ups and downs) and I’ve had doubts since the beginning.

His friend and I hit it off immediately, and he’s honestly my favorite person. I genuinely enjoy his presence more than anyone I know. He’s apparently pretty average looking, but I’ve always been WILDLY attracted to him. He gives the best hugs in the entire world, and I feel like I just GET him. Continue reading

“No matter what I do, I’ll always be the victim that guy reduced me to”

I want to die. I have been planning my death for two years now. I don’t know what to do. I guess I should explain why first. I was in second-year college that time, enjoying studying and the hardships of exams. Anyway, you get the point.

I was on my way to a math exam. On the way, I have to pass through the mall to buy school stuff when I saw someone I didn’t want to see.

When I was nine or ten, my parents were working on our farm, so I was in charge of watching the house and my little sister. During that time, my parents were having our house renovated. The carpenters were with us in the house most of the time. I don’t want to remember most of the stuff, but I remember one day one of the carpenters decided to play with me and my sister (she was 4/5 years old btw). It was okay at first. He would sit down with us while we play housed and drew.

One day, he decided that we should play in the bedroom for a change and not the living room. I think you can guess what happened by this point. I remember my parents sitting me down and asking me what happened, and I just cried and never really told them. they decided to let the guy go, and I never saw him since … until that day before my stupid exams. Continue reading

“My boyfriend’s ex committed suicide”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month now, and I’m absolutely crazy about him. He and I met while we were both in Nashville for music, got coffee and lunch together a couple of times, and just grew really, really close in a short amount of time. He opened up to me, in detail, about his past drug addiction, his exes, etc.

He lives five hours away from me, now. He’s the type to remain friends with everyone, unless they push him out of their lives. Which is great, except for the fact that he still hangs out with two of his exes. Not exclusively, and he’s told me before that he doesn’t have feelings for either of them, and he would never get back together with either girl.

But it still bothers me a little bit. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being jealous? I don’t want to be “that” girlfriend, and I trust him wholeheartedly. I just know what his last ex did to him, and I hate that she expects him to just go on being friends like nothing happened and that he’s willing to do that, for the most part, because he still does want to be friends (since they’re in two bands together).

The biggest issue I have is this:

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“My friend is suicidal, but no one else seems to care”

I need advice concerning my friend, and I have no clue what to do. It is affecting me mentally and my friend’s future and life.

She says her step-mom slaps her, and she hates and wishes she was in jail. She accuses her of stealing jewelry from her friends and throwing out gifts from them. She is scared that her step-mom will do something worse someday.

On top of this, my friend is depressed, cutting, and suicidal. I told her she should contact the police, but her stepmother would just lie and get her in trouble some way. Her dad is under investigation by the police for reasons I don’t know and doesn’t want to mess with that at all.

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