“Is my boyfriend undeserving of me?”

I have been with my boyfriend almost a year. He means so much to me, I can’t think what I would do without him. But I feel like I am constantly doing things wrong . He tells me I’m dumb quite a lot, an example is when I drop things on the floor (this is something I’ve always done and I try so hard not to do it, but I was diagnosed with dyspraxia from a young age.)

He shouts at me a lot and tells me that he shouts because of his mental health… I’m a mental health student nurse and I try so hard to understand it. I feel like I’m doing everything wrong as a nurse, as I can’t understand. He also tells me I can’t be a good nurse if I don’t understand. Continue reading

“I love my boyfriend but we’re not right for each other”

We need different things, and I know that now, but it didn’t stop me falling head over heels for him and integrating him into my friend group. I love him, but this relationship is heading nowhere good.

We’re both in college, and that’s where we met, but we are on totally different planes academically. He failed all but one of his classes last semester while I’m trying to stay above a 3.5 for my Honors Academy standing. It makes sharing my successes with him very hard because he’s trailing so far behind me when he should be in the same classes as me. Then there’s the biggest problem I have.  Continue reading

“My boyfriend is freaked out that I cut myself”

I’m 18, and my boyfriend is almost 23. We’ve been together over a year, and I have problems with wild emotions and mediocre depression, serious anxiety, and general bad emotional management.

Six months ago, I cut myself. By cut, I mean one small scratch across my wrist that scabbed and scarred — really nothing serious.

However, the principle of self-harm really upset my boyfriend, and he made me promise not to do it again. Of course, I said I wouldn’t, because I really believed I didn’t need to, and it hadn’t made me feel better, so why would I?

But here we are — we had another outrageously painful fight, and I did the same thing again. Except now, I can’t brush it off with “it was a one time thing,” because it clearly wasn’t.

Continue reading