“I feel compelled to send him nude pics”

For the past two years I’ve been sort of sexting/sending the odd nude to this guy. Recently though, he’s gotten into a relationship, however we have still continued sexting etc. We’ve never slept together, it’s strictly ‘cyber’.

A few weeks ago, and I don’t know why I did it, after stalking his gf, I sent her screen shots of our messages. He told her about it before she had chance to see the messages, and she deleted my message request. He told me he felt hurt about what I did, because we were ‘friends’, but the only times he would talk to me was when he wanted nudes or to sext.

He even told me he only talked to me because he was bored and lonely. I don’t know what to do, we still sext and talk from time to time, but I feel like a fool. I don’t know how to let him go and move on, I feel compelled to talk to him. When I don’t talk to him, I think about him constantly, I’m 20 and feel like I’ve passed the phase of stupid crushes. I know I don’t want a relationship with him, but I crave his attention. I know I can’t compete with his gf (he describes her as the ‘love of his life’ and his ‘best friend’) but I still crave intimacy from him. Am I a fool? How do I get over this obsession?


“He calls me his wife and I’m not even his girlfriend”

I was friends with this guy for a while and we were talking one day, and he started being really perverted, and telling me that he wanted to have sex with me, and he continued telling me those types of things, even after I specifically told him I was uncomfortable with it. (I should mention I’m 14 and he’s 16).

Even after he stopped he was acting obsessed with me, he’d always tell me that he’s thinking about me and he’d put my name on his story every night and he wouldn’t give up doing those type of things and more, even though I stopped acknowledging him entirely. He even asked me out twice and I rejected him both times, and after both of those times he got upset, bitched about me to other people and said I was being “unfair” because I “didn’t even give him a chance”.

There really isn’t a reason why he’s so obsessed with me, since he started acting stalker-ish, I’ve been more of a bitch to him, I feel bad for being so rude, but he honestly just drives me insane, it’s gone to the point where he calls me his wife and tried to buy stuff for me (he tried to spend €90 on a teddy bear for me before). He talked about me to my friends calling me “the girl of his dreams” and other things. My friends are creeped out too, one of the best explanations any of them can offer is he just wants to go out with me so he can brag about someone actually wanting to go out with him. Honestly I don’t know what to do, should I try to never talk to him again, give him a chance or something else?? Thanks for reading x

“My crush turned into an obsession”

I met this one girl a few years ago and fell in love with her almost immediately. She was always outgoing and kind, and outrageously good looking. But more importantly, I felt I saw an element in her personality that no one else that I know has. And I loved it.

I felt that pursuing a relationship with her would have been remiss, however, given that we share different religious beliefs. I also assumed that I would find someone who was more attractive physically and in personality, and share my beliefs. But I still have yet to meet anyone other than her that I find attractive, and the more I try to stop thinking about it, the more lonely and frustrated I feel.

I thought that I would just have a crush on her for a few weeks, and forget about her, but thinking about not having her has become a living nightmare. I can’t stop thinking about her. This has been going on for three years, and is quickly becoming an obsession. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

“I’m thinking of flying across the country to see a my favorite band”

I am obsessed with this Aussie band, and they’re currently touring the US. I saw them last week in Boston, and it was a great night. I had a lot of fun, but it didn’t go exactly the way I thought it would. We got really drunk, missed part of the set, and although I got to meet some of the band members, I really had my heart set on meeting the singer.

My friend, with the best of intentions, tried to make that happen, though in a pretty explicit manner. I still cringe at how she behaved. I feel like the impression we left was unsatisfactory, and I can’t stop thinking about how differently I wish everything had played out. You know, much more like what I had envisioned in my head.

They play in San Diego in a couple of weeks, and I am so tempted to see them play their last show. I live on the east coast, so I feel like it’s a really big deal to fly out to Cali for only a night. In fact, I feel like it’s rather insane, but something is nagging inside of me to be daring, and just do it. I had a dream about it, and it’s what prompted me to consider it. I can technically afford it. I can probably get the time off of work, too. And loads of people do stuff like this, so why not me? Continue reading

“It’s been three years since our one-night stand, and I still can’t get over her”

About four years ago, I developed a crush on a coworker. She was perfect to me in every way. She was seeing someone, so we were just good friends. Ten months later, she broke up with her SO and moved back home, five hours away. Another seven months passed, and I missed her so much, that I visited her on her birthday and we ended up having sex. It was the best I have ever had.

After that, we (she) decided we were better off friends. Since then I’ve gotten into a serious relationship and it’s been two years. I love my girlfriend very much and am very happy, but I still think about my coworker, and that night, and I can’t get over those feelings.

We don’t really talk anymore, but I still somehow can’t get over her, even though its been over three years. What do I do?

Belated thinking of ex/am I just jealous and selfish?

Hello all,

So, about a year ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years as he was not helpful and in fact very self involved after my brother died. For a couple of months after he would message me sporadically to which I would either not reply or be off with him (in my eyes this offness was warranted as the messages were very self-involved and about how HE was, when I was dealing with my brothers death). Anyway, he finally got the hint and stopped messaging.

However, for the past couple of months Ive really missed him and cant stop thinking about him. Things constantly remind me of things we did/liked/said etc. Im not nave and I have realised that this more or less began when he seemed to start seeing someone else. I know I am probably just jealous and just want him to want me instead of her but I am confused and scared that soon I will message him or something, especially if I drink. I cracked a couple of months ago and messaged him with some photos I had of him after getting a roll of film developed. He replied that he didnt really know what to say and that he wasnt ready to be friends just yet. I thought that this would placate me (not ready to be friends yet = not over me yet, right?!) but Im now doubting that reasoning and thinking about it more.

I should probably point out that I currently have a boyfriend who I started seeing a couple of months after breaking up with the ex. I know I sound really jealous, selfish and horrible (and Im sorry this is so long and rambly) but I think I just wanted to get this out and see what other people say. There is probably a lot more to this but I just cant think how to put it down in writing. Thanks.