He says it’s her fault that his ex stole his money

Nic says:

Been in a relationship for over 3 years. Thought everything was good. He had to go to jail for a couple months for a driving offense a year into the relationship. I supported him through this time, as he had always been supportive of me.

During the incarceration, he came clean about not always being faithful in the beginning, as he had a ex he had sex with a handful of times in the beginning of our relationship. While in jail, this ex had access to $10,000 of his in a joint account. Somehow she found out about me, got pissed, and stole his money. He blames me, although I was clueless. We didn’t live together before jail (he had his own place and is financially capable of doing so again), but now we do, jointly caring for one of my kids and one of his.

We talked about marriage and everything. He never accepts responsibility for his BS. Tonight he told me that I “fucked up his money.” And if I hadn’t posted something about him on Facebook while in jail (which he told me to post), that he would have his money and wouldn’t be “stuck living with me.”

Needless to say, that hurt. I’m not heartless enough to kick him and his son out, but I feel like I’m holding on to a one-sided relationship now. Like, why are you here if you feel that way, or why say things just to hurt me.

Ric says:

I didn’t lie about the other chick. I shouldn’t have to explain my finances when we weren’t serious at first.

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