“Do I stick it out, or give up on my current relationship?”

When we first talked about dating, she promised an honest and open relationship in the sense of communication.

In the time we’ve dated, communication hasn’t gotten any better and is absolutely terrible compared to before. I’ve gotten cheated on, she lies consistently, still talks with the men she flirts with and is still incredibly irresponsible. She also claims to have cheated on a guy simply because she didn’t screw or see him for two weeks. I won’t be able to see her for a while so I’m concerned.

She has plenty of great qualities and I am madly in love with her,  but I can’t trust her to save my life. How can I resolve this? We get along great, and have awesome chemistry.

She has PTSD related issues, so I can’t approach these issues directly without her shutting down and going dead silent for two days. How can I resolve this?

“I love her more than her boyfriend ever could”

I fell in love with this girl last year and it took 7 months of being in the friend zone for her to say she loved me back. She asked me to wait for her, so of course I said yes, but during the time I was waiting for her I had a lot of personal issues going on.

It caused a few mental issues so she stopped speaking to me, then got with someone else. She’s recently got back in touch with me and told me she regrets her decision and has made it clear she’s not happy, but she won’t leave her bf and no matter how much I try, she won’t see that I love her and would do more for her than her current bf ever would.

It kills me but the thought of losing her again hurts even more and I don’t know what to do…..
Someone please help?! She’s all I’ve thought about since January 2016 and I’ve been holding this in since she got with her bf in August 2016.

I’m a guy and I love wearing dresses and jewellery”

Hi, I am a straight 15 year old guy who occasionally, in private, wears dresses and some jewellery as I find them comforting. I am not gay, or trans, I don’t do it to be or look like a woman. I do it to feel better about myself (plus I look good in them!)

For example, the other day when I was home alone, I wore a black dress that I took from my girlfriend once. That’s the thing, I love my girlfriend so much but I feel shitty lying to her about this. I want to tell her that I like dressing in this way, so I can do it around her without feeling like a freak . Should I tell her?

Also, I have been thinking about sex as well, and whether we should try it. Although it will be my first time, I am ready (despite that we are underage). I want to approach her about it to see if she is prepared to take our relationship to the next level as I am so in love with this girl!
Is it a good idea?

“I can’t choose between the two people I love”

Since I was about 14, I met this guy at a party my friend threw. We clicked immediately, started talking and dating right away. It was innocent and harmless since we were so young. For the next 4 years we still managed to keep contact and be together even though we never formally “dated,” but we still consider each other our first girlfriend and boyfriend.

He got sent away to a boarding school last year and I was traumatized losing him from my life, I thought he’d always be there for when I was ready to be really serious with him, as during those 4 years he never really moved on or had eyes for anyone else. I saw other people but it lasted a quick month because I never found that “click” again. Continue reading

“My friend confessed his love for me”

About two years ago, I met this wonderful girl a few states over. It was incredible. We have the same taste in music, movies, shows, plays, and we work so well with each other. We even started saying we loved each other before we started dating. It took a while, though, quite a few in-person visits, before we actually became a couple. Most of my friends were happy for me, except one. He just seemed neutral about it, which I brushed off as jealousy (since he hadn’t been in a relationship yet) or the fact that he still had some hangups about lgbtqia+ relationships, which I can understand to a point. Continue reading

“My ex and I are still in love”

My ex and I are still in love…five years after the breakup. We have both been in serious relationships since then but reach out to each other every few months to let the other know our feelings haven’t changed.

We now live in different states and have our own friends and careers, making getting back together very difficult. The unwillingness to let each other go is preventing us from completely committing to new relationships and causes insecurity in our new partners. What should we do?