“I love her more than her boyfriend ever could”

I fell in love with this girl last year and it took 7 months of being in the friend zone for her to say she loved me back. She asked me to wait for her, so of course I said yes, but during the time I was waiting for her I had a lot of personal issues going on.

It caused a few mental issues so she stopped speaking to me, then got with someone else. She’s recently got back in touch with me and told me she regrets her decision and has made it clear she’s not happy, but she won’t leave her bf and no matter how much I try, she won’t see that I love her and would do more for her than her current bf ever would.

It kills me but the thought of losing her again hurts even more and I don’t know what to do…..
Someone please help?! She’s all I’ve thought about since January 2016 and I’ve been holding this in since she got with her bf in August 2016.

3 thoughts on ““I love her more than her boyfriend ever could”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You were never in the friend zone, because you were never really a friend, but someone with the ulterior motive of sticking kindness coins into her until she rewarded you with a relationship. If you want to be a real friend, then by all means stick around. If not, recognize that she’s not a person to you anymore but a object that you feel you could win and that’s at least borderline obsession. You might need to talk to a psychiatrist or another type of professional to help you move on. I do feel for you. You’re feelings are valid and I applaud you for recognizing that this is unhealthy and reaching out for help. However HER choices are valid as well and she’s responsible for her own situation. Not you. She’s not asking you for a way out now and has moved on from you. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be a item now. It doesn’t matter who is to blame and stop playing the martyr. You are responsible for your life choices as well. Choose to move on with your life by getting counseling from a pro or friends.

    I wish you the best. Good luck.

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