“Confused about a younger guy…and my maturity”

I’ve been crushing hard on this guy I work with and it turns out he’s probably like 17. I feel kinda weird about doing anything about it cause I’m 21. Generally, I wouldn’t think of four years being a big age gap but it is when one person is still in high school and the other is old enough to be graduating college.

I doubt I will do anything anyway because I am very shy. I just feel weird cause he’s barely older than my little sister. He definitely looks old enough to be my age, and I definitely look like I’m still in high school which is the funny part. Knowing me, I’m just being ridiculous because by the time I get it together enough to even talk to the guy, he’ll be married with kids or something. I don’t know… And yes I did say I’m crushing on a guy and yes I am 21, I know I sound like a luststruck middle schooler. Maybe that just goes to show I really am not as mature as my age would suggest, I have no idea. All I know is I am technically 21 even though I still think of 21 year olds as adults and myself as not an adult. This started as a concern about age differences between a boy and myself and it seems to have become a discussion with myself and my own maturity. Not even sure what the point of this post is anymore, sorry.


“My best friend hates the guy I’m secretly seeing”

So there’s this guy. Let’s call him A. He has been in love with me for 3 years now. He used to just be that annoying boy who has a crush on you and is a bit clingy, but we’ve always been quite close friends. In the past year we’ve grown way closer, and I really really think I like him and he still loves me. We call each other for hours every night and spend every spare few hours we can together.

Last week, I was at his house and we gave each other head …

Anyway, A is a very complex person. Towards me, I really see his caring side, and he has the hugest heart and is an amazing person. Although, I’m the only one who sees all of that. Towards everyone else, he’s just a bit annoying and immature. I mean, I understand that because before we got close, he seemed annoying and immature to me as well. Continue reading

“This is my partner’s first gay relationship, and I can’t handle his inability to communicate”

I’m a 30-year-old male. I began dating a 19-year-old guy 6 months ago. This is his first gay experience/relationship. From the beginning he’s struggled with everything pertaining to a relationship (gay or heterosexual) but refuses to let me go.

During the first 2 months we engaged in oral sex a few times. He’d clam up and eventually even that stopped. Besides the lack of sex, there’s a serious lack of romance, consideration and communication on his part. I’ve broken things off twice so far. During those times he contacted me non-stop, pouring out his emotions and begging for reconciliation. Each time he promises to add effort, romance, sex and communication. These are things he says he wants us to have because we are “perfect” for each other.

Continue reading