“I’m ready to lose my virginity, but my boyfriend isn’t”

I used to be abstinent. After some thought, I decided that that is not important to me anymore. I’m still a virgin, but, if sex happens, it happens.

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years now, and he refuses to have sex with me because of “my beliefs.” It’s been years since I told him I no longer believe in waiting, but, he absolutely will not have sex with me. What do I do?

“My (gay) boyfriend doesn’t want to use a condom for our first time”

I am in a homosexual relationship, and have been with my partner for about two years now. He has always been trustworthy, and from what I know, has never cheated. We have had oral sex, but we have yet to do anal, as we are young and curious, but not very brave.

Anyways, we now want to try it, but he does not want to use a condom, because he believes it is more natural. We both know that we don’t have STD’s. He says I should take his word and that it’s just gay sex, so there’s no risk of pregnancy.

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One Night Oral

I’m 18. The other day I got a little frisky with one of my friends. It was his first time for everything, even just kissing a girl, but not mine, for the past few days I’ve been feeling really anxious about what happened, I have a constant knot in my stomach and I can sense some feelings towards him. I didn’t want this to happen and he hasn’t text me or anything and I just wanna sort things out. He’s not been in any relationship before and being his friend I know that he gets attached quite easily, I don’t know if that’s going to be the case with me. I can’t tell if I want this to go anywhere either. Are these real feelings or am I just feeling like this because of the intimacy we shared. Please help!