“Nervous to talk to a girl”

There is this girl in my guitar class at highschool who I like but am to nervous to talk to. It is about halfway through second semester of grade 9 and if I can’t get the courage to talk to her then I probably won’t be able to ever be with her. I do t think she notices me except for during the playing tests where only one person plays the guitar at a time while the rest of the class watches you. I hate being watched by to many people at once and yet she doesn’t have any problem with performing for playing tests and if I show fear then she will just think of me as a coward and never want to talk to me. Both her and I where invited to join the guitar ensemble/band which was a great opportunity for me to get closer to her but I declined because I am an idiot who is controlled by his fears. Please if anybody could give me even a little advice to look like more than just another person to her I would greatly appreciate it.

2 thoughts on ““Nervous to talk to a girl”

  1. resullins says:

    You sound like you’ve got a little bit of insecurity happening here buddy. And that’s not uncommon in 9th grade.

    You need to find something that makes you confident, and hold your head up high. Believe me when I say that confidence will get you more noticed than almost anything else you can do. You said you got invited to the guitar band? So use that! You must be a good player. Next time you’re playing, hold your head high, and have confidence in your playing! Hell, maybe even give her a little smile. Maybe if you build your confidence a little bit, talking to her will just come naturally.

    Good luck!

  2. Mandy says:

    I second the confidence. But telling someone that is easy. Doing is another thing. Maybe compliment her on her confidence for tests, or congratulate her on making the ensemble. Always find something small to talk to her about. If she encourages more conversation, you’re in. If she ALWAYS gives you a quick answer, you might want to just move on. If things fall in the middle, it could be the topic (how ’bout this weather) or her mood for the day.

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