“My crush turned into an obsession”

I met this one girl a few years ago and fell in love with her almost immediately. She was always outgoing and kind, and outrageously good looking. But more importantly, I felt I saw an element in her personality that no one else that I know has. And I loved it.

I felt that pursuing a relationship with her would have been remiss, however, given that we share different religious beliefs. I also assumed that I would find someone who was more attractive physically and in personality, and share my beliefs. But I still have yet to meet anyone other than her that I find attractive, and the more I try to stop thinking about it, the more lonely and frustrated I feel.

I thought that I would just have a crush on her for a few weeks, and forget about her, but thinking about not having her has become a living nightmare. I can’t stop thinking about her. This has been going on for three years, and is quickly becoming an obsession. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

“I need to know for sure if he likes me or not”

My male best friend just left for bootcamp for the marines. I think I’ve fallen for him though. I care for him so much I would honestly take a bullet for him, and I wouldn’t do that for just anyone. He’s the most loyal and caring person I know, and we all know how hard it is to find someone like that these days.

Whenever I was upset and told him I needed a hug, even if it was midnight, he would actually drive over just to give me a hug and make me feel better. He had also told me how, if he survives the marines, he would like to settle down and start a family. And I’m actually willing to wait for him, no matter how hard it might get. His guy best friend, we’ll call him C, has been trying to get us to date as well. C asked my best friend if he would date me, and I tried getting C to tell me what my best friend said, but he just replied with “Bro Code” and left it at that.

My best friend has done so much for me, and has always been there for me, whenever we got food he would never let me pay, he always helped me get in shape, whenever I asked for anything, he would get it for me, but I just need to know for sure if he likes me or not; if he doesn’t, then at least I could have the closure to move on and find someone else over time, while keeping our friendship intact. I would do anything for him, but would he do the same for me? Please help me.

“Both me and my married brother like a girl”

So… I’m in my mid-twenties and have never been in love. I have had crushes and whatnot, but often move on quickly enough. I’ve also had people confess affection for me, though in a cruel twist this tends to put me off…

However, I’ve been friends with someone for the past few years, and I think I might be starting to fall for them. I’m no expert, but I think there’s been some flirtation and hidden signals, and I notice quite a lot of glances coming my way when I’m not looking. Though there’s a good chance I’m reading into things too much… Continue reading

“I’m in love with a guy who has a girlfriend”

This is going to be a bit long I guess, but please bear with me because I am in a difficult place and I need help right now. So, I met this guy, A, in 6th grade and we became close. We admitted back then that we had a crush on each other but then our friendship kind of faded because we didn’t hang a lot anymore again and I forgot why.

Then in 9th grade we became close again and I really enjoyed being around him but I only saw him as a best friend as I was having a crush on another guy at the time. And then at 10th grade, he and another guy confessed to me they liked me but I stupidly chose the other guy and he turned out to be a jerk. Continue reading

“I keep falling for guys I meet on Tinder”

After a heartbreak years ago, I’ve since been on a weird Tinder spree. I was a virgin at the beginning of the year, and have since slept with seven or eight men.

The trouble is, along he way I’ve met a couple of guys I fell hard for, which make me decided to delete Tinder, because I can’t keep reliving this cycle of heartbreak and then needing validation. I’ve never been in a long-term relationship and have absolutely no idea how to handle one. Continue reading