“I’m worried he’s trying to control me”

I’ve been dating this boy for 6 months (longest and most serious relationship I’ve ever been in) and we get along really well and are very happy together, but I have my doubts sometimes on the likelihood that this will last, because we have pretty different views on things, and he is very stubborn.

There have been a few things where he asked if I could stop/start doing something because it made him uncomfortable and I have done that. But the couple of times I’ve told him something he does that bothers me, he gets very upset that I’m criticizing him or “trying to change him,” until i just give up, so he never makes any compromises for me like that. Continue reading

“I don’t think I want him anymore”

I have been with the same guy for four years. We recently got engaged and we have a 9 month old daughter together. Right now I stay at home and take care of our baby girl. He works full time and pays all of the bills. Sounds perfect right?

Only I hate being dependent on him and I’m not sure if I even want to be in this relationship anymore. I feel so selfish for wanting to leave. Mostly because I want my daughter to be okay and have both of us. But also because he really hasn’t done anything wrong. I don’t feel anything with him anymore. My sex drive is little to none when I’m around him. He controls all the finances and also checks what I buy. I hate to say this but I feel more like his mother than his fiancée. Should I stay and try to work things out or should I get a job, save up and be on my way?

“My dad and his girlfriend have become overbearing parents”

Okay, so I live at home with my dad. He hates me, doesn’t trust me, calls me names on a daily basis, etc. He has a girlfriend who is very strict with her kids as well, and she gives my dad advice on “how to fix me.”

She taught him how to put parental restrictions on my phone (which means I can’t FaceTime, delete apps, download apps, and I have no camera or safari). The current app that I have on my phone is a game that I have replayed numerous times and is about two years old. I have no social media, and my father says I cannot be trusted enough to get it back. My dad’s girlfriend also told my dad that I was giving her the cold shoulder and giving her dirty looks behind my dad’s back (which I DID NOT do), and I have gotten into even more trouble because of that.