“I’m going through a tough time and not ready for a relationship”

Sorry this is so long but please read. I need help!

Well, it started the summer before last. 2015. Me & my now ex husband split. I was crushed. So I spent the next 4 months piecing life together. In October, I met a really funny & great guy named Jamie. It took me a lil bit to warm up to him but soon I loved him. Was in love with him. That coming up March, I found out I had to have a partial hysterectomy. Continue reading

“How do I tell my Christian mom that I want to live with my boyfriend?

I grew up as a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, and I was always taught that you were supposed to get married before having sex or moving in with a significant other. This was my plan for a long time, but it became unrealistic, and I met the man of my dreams and the guy I plan to marry, and those things changed a bit. (He is a baptist Christian.)

To make a long story short, I’m still a Christian and still a Seventh-Day Adventist, I just view some things in different ways. Well, I have to move out of my college dorm during the beginning of May, and I want to get an apartment with my boyfriend (of almost a year) and another couple. I am also certain that this is what I plan to do, but I don’t know how to tell my mom. (I will tell my father eventually, but I care more of my mom’s opinion.)

I mentioned to her the idea of getting an apartment (didn’t mention boyfriend), and she said that she was okay with it, but only for the summer, because living off campus during the school year will make doing school work and going to class harder. Continue reading

“I’ve never felt like this towards another guy”

Okay, so I’ve recently befriended this 20-year-old Christian male. I’m male, too, and also a Christian. I’ve always had feelings for females, never males. But now that we’ve started talking, every day we always have a really good time.

We’ve talked about the subject of homosexuality and if we were accepting or not of it, and we both are. The thing is, we are fairly new friends, but I’ve never felt like this in my life. And it’s not just sexually-thinking, it’s genuine-thinking. I want to go see movies with him, and cuddle. I don’t want to sound like I’m stereotyping, but he did sorta come across gay when I met him. But we’ve talked about his past relationships and how he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend, who’s very much moved on. I want to let our friendship grow, but all I want to do is flirt and talk to him about how freaking perfect he is to me.