“Was she playing with me?”

I met this girl at clothing store. I was with my daughter. I wrote my phone number on the receipt and gave it to her. She texts me a couple of days later. We set up a date and she shows up late, she said she couldn’t find the place, which was odd, but I went to meet her and help her find the place. The date was shorter because of this, so we hiked for about 1/2 hr, and talked for another 40 min. It was nice, there seemed to be chemistry.

We continued to text for several days and sometimes phone interaction, things still seemed okay, however I tried to set up another date. She sort of had excuses. Realized that she was a friend of the bottle. Continue reading

“My wife has a slight drinking problem”

My wife has a slight drinking problem. Not an alcoholic but she just can’t control how much she drinks when we’re out with friends. We can’t go out and just have a couple beers or glasses of wine and enjoy an evening.

It starts out as one beer that gets drunk immediately, not chugged, but rapidly drunk, swallow after swallow. It’s like compulsive, it’s there and I have to drink it. Then she needs another one. Can’t just sip and enjoy it, nope, has to consume it because it’s there. About the third beer in, she’s getting intoxicated, but denies it. If I try to get her to slow down, she gets defensive and belligerent. Now it’s up to 5 or 6 beers and she’s loud, belligerent and nasty. We fight and argue about it and go home. Next time we go out I try to get her to control it but it never works, another spoiled evening, because she consumed too much, too fast and will not stop. She usually apologizes the next day and says she won’t do it again. Always does. This is very frustrating. She refuses to get help or counseling as she is convinced in her own mind that everything is fine. What do I do?

“I don’t know if she’s interested in me”

A couple of nights ago we had a staff party at work. Fantastic night, it was the best staff party I think we have had in a long time. Lots of alcohol. Everyone got super f***** up. And my friend (lets call him L) had a bit too much to drink and he really likes this girl (lets call her R,) but I like her too. And I followed her from room to room trying to find a place to sleep.

We ended up going to L’s Room and  having a 3-way spoon. And I was the little spoon. R was the middle spoon and L was the big spoon. R now hugs him from behind at work all the time and doesn’t to me. Is this a sign that I don’t have a chance, or she’s just not interested? Any girls ever been in this situation?

“My wife got drunk and tried to cheat on me”

Should I be mad about this? I caught my wife cheating on me with … ME.

My wife is (EXTREMELY, like ready to divorce me) mad at me, because (ironically) she thinks I cheated on her. Long story involving a lady who was a friend of mine (never even kissed her, actually) and a years-old email message from my friend that that I’d totally forgotten about. Until my wife (snooping through my old email messages) went batsh*t crazy over it, that is.

So my wife decides she’s going to solve all of her problems by spending THE RENT MONEY to go out alone with her “gay” friend (I’ll call him Mike) and get plastered.

She calls me at 1 AM to come get her. She’d spent about $150 of the rent money, I assume on drinks for the two of them. But when I found them, she was buying takeout food for him. Could have killed them both, but there was a young child home (asleep), so I was mainly concerned with getting my drunk wife home fast. Continue reading

“Guys would like me if they knew the real me”

Ii never had a healthy relationship — not with my parents, who were so toxic to be around, nor with guys. To be honest, many guys are attracted to me, but they wouldn’t if they knew the real me. I deal with depression — like every year, I spend at least 5 months not moving from my room, just crying and with no interest in life.

Plus I always put vodka in everything. It gives me a little interest in life, and I’m NEVER interested in guys who like me. I only like people who are indifferent to me . What’s wrong with me ?