“He wanted me then acted extremely weird”

Last week, I hung out with some people from work. This extremely attractive guy I’ve worked with for two months began flirting with me, when he realized I didn’t have a boyfriend, like he’d thought I did all along. He seemed really interested and we had a bit in common. Eventually, after a few more beers he asks where I live and he follows me back to my house where he meets my mom and my grandmother.

He’s very drunk at this point, and I’m pretty naive, but he starts kissing me and picks me up and stuff, then keeps trying to touch me and other things of that nature. I thought he genuinely liked me, but I would be like “No, cut it out, I don’t know you that well” but he would be like, “But I’m not!” and yet continued to take my pants off and I’d have to pull them back up. Continue reading

“I feel like I should be in a much better place in my life”

I am 30 years old. I am overweight, but working on it. All I have is a GED and a couple certifications. I am sociable, but not quite socially adept, as I have never had a spouse. What I enjoy most does not make me any money, and what can make me money, I can’t seem to focus enough on academia to do.

I start a new job soon, but it is a linear, dead-end job. It hurts my ego a bit, as I feel like I should be in a much better place in my life, but, due to my choices, I am not. I feel slightly out of touch or disassociated with things, apathetic toward most  things these days. I am an atheist, so any thoughts of mortality tend to scare me enough that I wake up in a very depressed mood, repeating a phrase before falling asleep again to feel nothing in the morning enough so that I can go about my day. Continue reading