“Do I tell him why I broke up with him?”

My ex boyfriend asked when we broke up, if I could eventually tell him what he did wrong. In the same conversation, I learned that he has asked this of all his exes and that he does absolutely nothing to fix those problems.

I’ve been tempted to tell him what he’s done wrong,  but always didn’t, because I doubt he’ll try to improve himself in any way. I always try and take the high road even if it is rough and I don’t want to do it. It would be easier to let this go and forget about it, but it comes back into my mind now and again. I have not had contact with him since the break up, except for the conversation on the matter of Facebook relationship status and Netflix accounts.

The basic reasons I broke up with him were because I was extremely unhappy with what I had become in the relationship, he’d compare me to his exes and would talk about one particular ex a lot. My self confidence was much lower than it had been before I got into the relationship. Before you ask, yes I told him repeatedly to stop bringing her, or any of his other exes up, and when he did so, I made sure to stop the conversation right there.

I didn’t feel like he was trying either, we were in a partial long distance relationship and I was always going to see him but he never came in town to specifically see me. I had to threaten to dump him to get him to come into town and see me. I never asked him to tell me what I did wrong in the relationship because I am well aware of my own faults.

One thought on ““Do I tell him why I broke up with him?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You don’t owe him a explanation. You don’t owe him anything. Will it make YOU feel better?

    If I were you I would cut all ties and block him from social media. Ever heard the song “somebody I used to know”? You are basically that whole song. The sooner you move on with your life the better everyone will be.

    Look you put way more into that relationship than he ever did. If he cared he would have shown you and actions do speak louder than words. Don’t waste any more time on a boy, when you can go find a man who will show you he cares.

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