“Does he just love the idea of me?”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2.5 years and we do everything together. He encourages me often, is very thoughtful and loves to spoil me. But sometimes I feel like he loves the idea of me and what I do for him, rather than for who I am. He tells me that he loves my personality and compliments me often, but seems preoccupied most of the time when I’m talking to him, and isn’t thrilled about hanging out with my family.

Sometimes I feel like he loves me because we do so many of the things that he loves, and spend time with his family a lot, rather than the things on my side.

The beginning of our relationship was a little rocky, and we fought often. He had a job that he hated and tended to be pretty selfish at times. I know he can be immature at times and that some of my family and friends aren’t crazy about him, but he is my best friend and I’m crazy about him.

What do I do?

One thought on ““Does he just love the idea of me?”

  1. TS says:

    i think he may be a introverted and prefers not to comment on much. this is an issue that occurs in my relationship. my boyfriend feels similar to you, because i always keep to myself and am pretty indifferent about things.

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