“Why am I always rejected?”

Going into Senior year, never been in a relationship or even close, and not by choice.

All my guy friends say I’m hot. I have a high IQ level to where I could’ve skipped three grades (though my parents only allowed me to skip one). I am talented in music, I have good grades, I’m a respectful person, and I have good values. I’m funny and a good conversationalist. I have a great ass and body in general. I have a pretty face and a good heart.

All things I’ve heard people tell me. Yet most of those same people have rejected me. I’ve been rejected by almost 15 different people in the span of 2 years (when I first started having an interest in relationships.)

So, my point is. If all they say is true, why am I being rejected whenever I put myself out there? Just to clarify I’ve never rejected anyone except for maybe when I was in like 3rd grade once. So yeah, that’s my question. Why am I rejected if I’m “such a great person”?

3 thoughts on ““Why am I always rejected?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Guys may think they aren’t as good enough for you. Even with all your wonderful qualities you may still not click with what they want in a person. Maybe they are into something different, maybe they are having a hard time at home, maybe they already have someone special on their mind, maybe they are into boys or asexual. It’s very frustrating for you, but just keep doing what you are doing. Usually, when you’re not looking, that’s when one comes along that does want to date you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think liking 15 different people in a span of two years is a lot. Maybe you aren’t giving enough time to really get to know the guy, or giving enough time to let the guy develop his feelings for you, if he has any. You could be coming off as too strong, seeing how you believe that you are someone blessed with good looks, grades, and a great personality. It’s not really fair that guys get turned off by strong women, but such is society.

    But what the other comments say can be true too. Maybe the guys you are liking don’t think they’re good enough to date you.

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