“I’m regretting rejecting him”

About 7 months ago, this guy friend of mine asked me out. I said ‘no’ because I was really into someone else, and I was very stressed and busy with school. We remained friends however, and I was happy for him when he started dating someone else about a month later.

Now, however, I am starting to have feelings for him, but he’s still with the other girl. Also, even if he were single, how could I go about letting him know that I’m interested, since I already rejected him once?

“Why am I always rejected?”

Going into Senior year, never been in a relationship or even close, and not by choice.

All my guy friends say I’m hot. I have a high IQ level to where I could’ve skipped three grades (though my parents only allowed me to skip one). I am talented in music, I have good grades, I’m a respectful person, and I have good values. I’m funny and a good conversationalist. I have a great ass and body in general. I have a pretty face and a good heart.

All things I’ve heard people tell me. Yet most of those same people have rejected me. I’ve been rejected by almost 15 different people in the span of 2 years (when I first started having an interest in relationships.)

So, my point is. If all they say is true, why am I being rejected whenever I put myself out there? Just to clarify I’ve never rejected anyone except for maybe when I was in like 3rd grade once. So yeah, that’s my question. Why am I rejected if I’m “such a great person”?

“I rejected this guy, but now I think I want to ask him out”

So, I’m in ninth grade, and I like this guy who’s in 10th grade. I have no problem dating someone older than me, but I’m scared of what my parents would say if I started dating.

So, anyway, I like this guy and he used to like me, but I don’t know if he still does. We became friends in April. He asked me out, but I didn’t like him then, so I told him I wasn’t interested (I had just told another guy that I had liked him, but I got rejected, so I was still getting over him as well). After saying that, I realized how bad I felt for rejecting him. I avoided talking to him for about a week, which was hard, considering the fact that I see him every-single-day at swim practice.

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