“I cheated on my wife then gave her an STD”

I have been diagnosed with gonorrhea. Got from my sexscapdes outside of marriage. I am taking antibiotics now and getting better. I haven’t told my wife yet. But I think the symptoms are starting to appear on her. I just told her to have herself checked.

Im really confused because if I tell her then she’ll probably leave me. I think by the time she is diagnosed mine will be gone already. What do you think should I do? Thank you.

8 thoughts on ““I cheated on my wife then gave her an STD”

  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s going to guess. You knew what the risks were when you cheated. Fess up and seek marriage counseling if she will let you. You did just risk her life for sex.

    • Alicia says:

      Seriously what a nasty pig!!! For cheating and not using protection!?!!? But of course why would he use a condom to protect himself as well as his wife, when he doesn’t value his wife’s health their marriage nor her heart!!!!! Yuck!!! One of the WORST things you can do to ur spouse is cheat on them AND on top of it, give them an STD from ur cheating!!! Blah…..i hope she divorces this grotesque thing she married. What a complete utter violation of trust!!! And extremely deserved to have happen to him.

  2. KeiraMira says:

    Putting politics aside, from a medical perspective you definitely should tell your wife asap so she can get the care she needs.

    I know people will hate me for this but an excuse you can use depending on the STD is that it can actually remain dormant despite having been contracted years before…and sometimes even before a marriage. This is actually true in many cases of people who come into a clinic but claim to have never cheated. Because in many cases they actually didn’t cheat but they passed it to their partner while not realizing they already had it as the virus remained dormant, without symptoms. And then later on the symptoms start showing up in their wife.

    So if you need her to get the meds, in the meantime, then I would use this excuse if you have to…depending on the STD the consequences otherwise could be as bad as permanent infertility or even her life.

    • KeiraMira says:

      Oops I just realized you said it was gonorrhea…which is a bacterial infection not a virus…so it would not stay dormant…Although it can go undetected for a while

  3. peaceandwanderlust says:

    Your wife deserves to know what kind of a man she is married to, not to mention the opportunity to take care of her health after you jeopardized. Do right by her for a change. Your actions are selfish all around.

  4. Understand546 says:

    I wish you the best luck in whatever you do and pray to God for forgiveness .
    I hope your marriage works out, but if she do leave her then I can’t blame her.
    Ask yourself this
    If she cheated and gave you an STD, how would you feel?
    Would you divorce her?
    Another thing even though I never condone cheating at all, when you was cheating why didn’t you wear a condom?
    Don’t respond to these questions because they are personal just think to yourself.
    I am not judging becuase we all make mistakes it happens.
    You should be honest and accept the consequences
    Whatever happens good luck to you and pray to God my brother
    Everything will work out for the best.
    No matter how dark you night is, always a brighter day ahead

  5. HanP says:

    Give yourself a clap and get the f..k out of your wife’s life. She doesn’t need a dog for a partner.

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