“Concerned mom!”

Hello! My daughter recently got pregnant and decided to terminate the pregnancy about 2 weeks ago. (we have respected her choice although it was very hard.) She has been with her boyfriend for about a year and we are meeting him for the first time soon, as he is coming to stay with us for 4 days.

We already let him know we want to discuss the matter with him because we are very concerned about how much he cares about her. He has cheated and given her an std once before and obviously they do not have safe sex or a healthy relationship. Any advice on how to have a productive discussion and questions would be so helpful!


“I found out he had used hookers”

5 months ago I started dating a guy from work, and it was a total dream come true. He’s smart, driven, mature, career started, and a nice change for my age group, a handy man. But I don’t know if it was the trust issues from my ex, or what, but I went though his phone this weekend and found out he had been using Tinder, and hookers (multiple) before he met me.

So here’s the issue, I’m the kinda girl that thinks Tinder is where dreams go to die. I have never, and will never hook up with anyone, and am really careful with STDs. I’ve made every guy I’ve been with, give me a signed doctors note  saying they have been tested (way to shoot romance in the face right?)

I confronted him and he told me the truth and that he was ashamed, and just so lonely. He kinda told me about this stuff before I found it, so I gotta give him credit for that. But he did lie, and he only lied because he knew I would have left him if I found this out earlier. He had been single basically his whole life, and has a lot of family issues. Does that make it okay? Should I overlook this? Do people get a “ do over” button when they start a new relationship? He said that most people our age are like this and no matter what guy I’m with, he will have done similar things. so now what?

“I cheated on my wife then gave her an STD”

I have been diagnosed with gonorrhea. Got from my sexscapdes outside of marriage. I am taking antibiotics now and getting better. I haven’t told my wife yet. But I think the symptoms are starting to appear on her. I just told her to have herself checked.

Im really confused because if I tell her then she’ll probably leave me. I think by the time she is diagnosed mine will be gone already. What do you think should I do? Thank you.