“I keep thinking about this guy”

I fell in love, well maybe not love, with this guy I met a few months ago. I’ve always been attracted to girls and guys and have been open in regards to sexuality. But to be honest I’ve only ever connected romantically with girls – until this guy.

I don’t know what it is, but he meant so much to me in such a quick time, the kind of person you lock eyes with and neither of you look away…

It’s stupid because I know he’ll never reciprocate these feelings, maybe he’s open sexually like I am, but I doubt it.

We always try to see each other but it never happens, eventually I just dropped it because I thought about him too much. But now and then he’ll make an effort and text random things and it just sends me into it again! I’m definitely not wallowing or anything, I’m extremely happy and surrounded with friends and about to graduate university. But the fact that I still think about him drives me crazy – we didn’t even have that close of a relationship, I just felt so close to him so quickly as a friend and really developed feelings out of nowhere. The fact that he tries sometimes makes it hard for me to just forget about the dude.

Idk what to do or why I feel like this. My whole life I’ve never been a relationship guy and LOVE life itself, love being independent, cherish my non-romantic relationships, etc
But now I just feel like I kind of need to find someone romantic to forget about the guy.

Help, literally any advice on similar situations, anything…

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