“My boyfriend spends more time with her than me”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about one year and everything has been going great. The thing is, is that we’ve only gone on two dates, and I’m fine taking things slow, but he hangs out with my best friend A LOT.

Almost every single weekend he has been going to the park with her and my other friend. Their siblings are dating, and that might be the cause of it, but I’ve known this girl for a really long time and she spends more time with him than she does with me, and the same with him spending more time with her. They also text me more when they’re together than when they’re apart.

He is the first one she goes to when she is upset and lately he’s been really distant. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t kissed me in two months and whenever I try to initiate the flirting he just ignores it. I don’t wanna be the jealous girlfriend but I don’t know what to do. Should I talk to him about it or just leave it be?

One thought on ““My boyfriend spends more time with her than me”

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    It’s fine to have opposite-sex friends you hang out with occasionally, but this is … not normal. You’re not being jealous at all. It’s reasonable to expect that if your boyfriend actually wants to be with you, then he should be wanting to spend most of his time with you.

    Given your description, honestly, it sounds like the relationship is already over.

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